11 aprilie 2010

just silly.

"-What's all this about you guys fighting?
Is this really over a room?I mean,that's so Silly!
-We can handle this.
-Apparently not ,and i can't just stand by and watch two people I care about so much, be hurt by something that is so Silly.
I mean enough of the Sillyness!!!

-Look I've knowen you both for a long time and I never seen either of you , one million as happy ,since you got together.Do you really wanna throw that all away ,over a roooommm? that's so SILLY!!!
What's more important: Love or Sillyness?"

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alex spunea...
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bee spunea...

felicitari pentru astazi.am cautat nr sa iti dau un mesaj dar nu cred ca il mai am.
ai fost foarte frumoasa si te-a prins rolul incredibil de tare.nu credeam ca esti buna pt teatru,trebuie sa recunosc.>:D<
te pup si iubesc

bee spunea...

puiu mic>:D<
ai fost minunata