2 iulie 2012

zile ce dau stare de furtuna.
as vrea sa eliberez toate fulgerele si tunetele.
inca putin.
exercitii de respiratie si gand salbatic.
replica ce rastoarna un univers.
"No one cares.It's just you."

5 comentarii:

Torden spunea...

... there are people who care. You just have to deserve it.

Joanne spunea...

@Torden I don't know... Do they actually care or are they just curious? And... Don't we all deserve it?

Torden spunea...

Some do care, if they can feel some light inside of you. Some are just curious. And... no. Not all of "us" deserve it.
Maybe that's the problem. There is no... "us". Yet.

Ale spunea...

Some people are just afraid of an "us"...so they hold on tight to their "I",cause this way it's less likely to get hurt..
(just a theory :))

Torden spunea...

Truth is... most people are afraid of that...
... the reason we're not evolving